RCIFA: Changing Seasons and Lives

Raytown Community Interfaith AllianceThe season is changing, and we are anticipating Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I am hoping that now that elections are over, we can focus on what the coming holidays represent for all people, all over the world.  The Raytown Community Interfaith Alliance is focusing on family, togetherness and peace for all, regardless who you are, where you are and what you believe. We are all of the “human race,” and in my world, we have many differences, but also have more things in common.

Yes, we may look different one from another, live differently, speak differently, dress differently, perhaps vote differently and worship differently. But we all need food, water, love, to be able to work and raise families, and want to have a safe place for those families to grow and succeed in so many wonderful ways. Now is the time for all to come together, to bravely be “changers;”  to take a step in a direction that is a different one from the “crowd.”   We can be unique, and still fit into the world we all share, in community and harmony.

We invite everyone in Raytown to celebrate Thanksgiving as a diverse group, at the Raytown Emergency Assistance Program Building (9300 E. 75th St., Raytown) on November 21st starting at 7:00 PM.  We will share some reflections on thanksgiving, enjoy some music, sing together and share some cookies and drinks after the program. All are welcome and we hope you will attend and perhaps bring a friend.   We also invite everyone, if you are able, to bring a food item to help REAP keep their food pantry shelves full.  We will have a cart to place the food in, and will celebrate a true Thanksgiving celebration with all.   I have been there for several years and have always enjoyed this unique gathering at this time of the year.  May all be blessed and recharged, to continue to go out and be yourself, and be an example for others to follow.

Sue Klotz
Member of Raytown Community Interfaith Alliance
Blue Ridge Blvd. United Methodist Church

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