Raytown-Brooking Eagle has suspended publication.

The Raytown-Brooking Eagle has officially suspended publication. As reported last year, our associate editor resigned after being accepted in a 3-year academic program in Germany. His shoes have been hard to fill and now I am running for Alderman Ward 5.

We are extremely proud of the professional newspaper product that we delivered weekly. We not only reported on community news but we featured columns written by local talent.

We were the only publication to cover the meetings of the Raytown C-2 Board of Education, Raytown Fire Protection District, Raytown Parks and Board of Aldermen. It was a huge endeavor for a fledgling newspaper committed to journalistic standards unlike any other paper in town.

We offered print and e-edition subscriptions and our articles were available on social media. Our newspaper was read to the visually impaired over the KU Audio-Reader service.

Our weekly print editions were archived in the newspaper archives of the State Historical Society of Missouri for future generations. Click here for past e-editions.

After notifying our subscribers and advertisers about the suspension of service, we attracted several business offers. We have tabled those negotiations and decided to officially suspend the publication at this time and not leave our readers in limbo.

The last three years have truly been a delight and a wonderful experience I will never forget.


Diane Krizek
Editor and Publisher
Raytown-Brooking Eagle


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  1. George Michaud
    February 17, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    I’ve received a number of emails and messages asking about the newspaper, mostly those looking for Part II on Duke Ellington. I finally let everyone know what the decision was by Editor Diane Krizek. Diane was the hardest working person on this endeavor with this project for Raytown and she produced a product that we all can be proud of. It definitely was the best newspaper Raytown had ever seen. Personally, my disappointment finding out that it had been suspended was beyond anything I could put into words. I know how hard Diane worked on this project and she turned out a fabulous paper week after week for nearly three years along with running other businesses her husband left for her. She was putting in 18 to 20 hours a day sometimes and that’s a lot. Regardless, it became obvious that this responsibility was too much to handle alone but what she did do for nearly three years is really something to be proud of. Thank you to Diane for using my column every week talking about my dealings with Hollywood celebrities, of which there were many. I shared only that which I could so not to interfere with two books I’ll have coming out by mid 2018. To all those who did read my column weekly, thank you for all your nice comments. Who knows, maybe we’ll get together again real soon. As always, Stay Happy and be good to each other.
    -George Michaud

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